Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Landspeeders ahoy.

Picked up two of them from my local game store yesterday, put them together.

Gonna have The Magnet Pro help me out with magneting them up

In other news.

I played in a 500 point patrol tourny last friday.

Didn't do too well.

As I don't really like Mechhammer, I don't play many (if any) vehicles.

I fielded a Chaplain, a full assault squad, and an 8 man crusader squad.

The first guy I played was IG.

he fielded a squadron of 2 Vendettas... a 10 man vet squad in a chimera, and Hawker.. It didn't go well for me. I was not able to repel firepower of that magnitude. 6 twin linked lascannons a round did me in. however, all he had left was the 2 vendettas...I had nothing. Major loss

2nd game

Vs Dark Angels.

I did a bit better, actualy but still took the loss, mainly due to my style of play. 4 5 man tac squads, 2 razorbacks was his army.

I rolled through, and on the last turn, he had 5 marines left, and I had my chaplain and 3 assault marines.

next turn, I would have destroyed him, but the game ended.

he was on the points, I was not close enough.

Till next time


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