Monday, May 10, 2010

Massive Update!....

Well, it has been too long since I posted here. I have acquired a Tau Army, that I am slowly shaping into something playable, from many bits and pieces.

Army Lists
Black Templars
2x 10 man Bolter Crusader Squads
2x 10 Man Close Combat/Bolt Pistol Squads
2x 10 Man Assault Squads
Emperors Champion
2x Chaplains
1x Marshal
3x Landspeeders (Magneted)
1x Land Raider Crusader

34x Hormagaunts (Old Metal Ones)
24x Genestealers (Old Plastic ones)
3x Zoanthropes
3x Venomthropes
1x Hive Tyrant
1x Mawloc/Trigon/Prime (Magneted)
3x Tyranid Warriors

40x FireWarriors
40x Kroot
2x Kroot Hounds
10x Stealth Suits
5x Crisis Suits (Magneted)
1x Commander
1x Ethereal
1x XV88 Broadside
2x Hammerheads
3x Devilfish
.. Lots o Drones

3x Tau Sniper Drone Teams
1x Tau XV88

Eric over at The Midnite Shift has some pics up of my Black Templars in a couple of his photo dump posts .

All in all, I am excited. I just need a couple of things to get it togther and I need to spend some time modeling, but all in all, I am VERY happy.

Til Next time.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Landspeeders ahoy.

Picked up two of them from my local game store yesterday, put them together.

Gonna have The Magnet Pro help me out with magneting them up

In other news.

I played in a 500 point patrol tourny last friday.

Didn't do too well.

As I don't really like Mechhammer, I don't play many (if any) vehicles.

I fielded a Chaplain, a full assault squad, and an 8 man crusader squad.

The first guy I played was IG.

he fielded a squadron of 2 Vendettas... a 10 man vet squad in a chimera, and Hawker.. It didn't go well for me. I was not able to repel firepower of that magnitude. 6 twin linked lascannons a round did me in. however, all he had left was the 2 vendettas...I had nothing. Major loss

2nd game

Vs Dark Angels.

I did a bit better, actualy but still took the loss, mainly due to my style of play. 4 5 man tac squads, 2 razorbacks was his army.

I rolled through, and on the last turn, he had 5 marines left, and I had my chaplain and 3 assault marines.

next turn, I would have destroyed him, but the game ended.

he was on the points, I was not close enough.

Till next time


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have converted to a Black Templars Army... They are both fun and effective. Good to play something with more of a soul then a generic codex chapter.

The painting was an easy conversion.

I have 2 full Crusader squads
2 full Assault Marine squads
Various Sword Brethren (or painted like it)
several Independent Characters, champion, Chaplain, ect...

I really enjoy it., much more so then the Sable Swords.

I am also debating scrapping the bug idea, and playing Tau instead. As I already have one very close-combat oriented army

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Marines...

I bid on, and won, 52 random metal marines.. they arrived today..

Time to start sorting through all the bits and such

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, fought a 3 on 3 1000 Point battle tonight with my Marines...

Didn't do to well...

Army List as follows

Thunder Hammer, Combi Melta, Artificer Armor

Assault Squad x9
Sgt x Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs

Tac Squad X9 1 X Melta Gun
Sgt X Nothing Special

Tac Squad x9, 1 X Melta Gun
Sgt, X Nothing Special

Termanator Squad
2x Chain Fist + Storm Bolter
1x Power Fist + Storm Bolter
1x Power Fist + 1x Assault Cannon
Sgt X power Weapon + Storm Bolter

= 1000 Points Even

The Battle didn't go well, it didnt' help that my Space Wolves and Eldar Allies all moved to the other side of the table, leaving me to deal with Chaos and dark Eldar..

Basicly, I got Pincered in betwen a hellhound, rhino, Full Chaos Tac Squad, 2x IG Veteran Squaqds, 2 Dark Eldar floating boat things on one Side And

Some Wonky Nasty Dark Eldar close Combat OMGS squad, Plus a Daemon Prince, Plus 2 IG Heavy Weapon teams on the other...

It didn't work well for me...

I may have to rethink the Horde space marine Concept....



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pics AhoY!

So, I was asked by a previous commenter for pics, so here they are.

This is the Dev Squad (or whats left of it)

Mainly Snap-Fit, still in parts, waiting for me to determine their fate (Might form a Tac Squad out of em.. I haven't decided)

This is the beginnings of the Assault Squad, 3 Assault Marines and a Sgt

Old Metals Term Squad, 4 assembled and primed, 1 in peices

This is the Second Tac Squad, It is in the process of being painted.
All of them are Mark 6 Corvus Armor Beaky Marines

This is the First Tac Squad.
This squad is finished.
Once again, all the Marines are Mark 6 Corvus Beaky style

Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking Stock

My Armies

So, I rebuilt/remodeled all of my marines (I have been concentrating on them for right now)

I have 2 10 Man Tac Squads of Mark 6 Corvus (Beaky) Marines,
8 Bolters, One Sgt, One Melta Gun (Old school, actualy looks like some sort of shotgun, but I am calling it, and painting it like a melta gun)
8 Bolters, One Sgt, One No gun at all (I don't have another melta, I am gonna have to bitz one from somewhere)

2.5 Assault Marines (+ Sgt)
2 with Bolt Pistol/Chain sword
1 with bolt pistol/No Arm
Sgt with Power Fist/Plasma Pistol (well actualy a hand flamer, but modified)

Termanator Squad (Metals_
4x Storm Bolters
1x Assault Cannon
2x Chain Fist
2x Power Fist
1x Sword

Space Marine Captain with Power Sword/Melta Gun. (However, I dont' think I can give him a melta via 5e)
Old School Chaplin with bolt pistol and Sword (Power or not)

Snap/Fit Dev Squad... I am not sure how many of them I will be able to savage. I have already slavaged the bolt pistol/Chain Sword from the Sgt.
2 Missle Launchers (Might be salvagable)
1 Lascannon (salvagable)
1 Plasma Cannon (Salvagable)
Approx 8 Random Snap/Fit Marines

Note.. No Vehicles.. Not even a dreadnaught.

I think I am gonna keep it that way for a bit, and play a SM "Horde" army and see how it goes... It was pretty tough last time I played, cause I played against IG.. and the Armor was a problem.

Till Next time