Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking Stock

My Armies

So, I rebuilt/remodeled all of my marines (I have been concentrating on them for right now)

I have 2 10 Man Tac Squads of Mark 6 Corvus (Beaky) Marines,
8 Bolters, One Sgt, One Melta Gun (Old school, actualy looks like some sort of shotgun, but I am calling it, and painting it like a melta gun)
8 Bolters, One Sgt, One No gun at all (I don't have another melta, I am gonna have to bitz one from somewhere)

2.5 Assault Marines (+ Sgt)
2 with Bolt Pistol/Chain sword
1 with bolt pistol/No Arm
Sgt with Power Fist/Plasma Pistol (well actualy a hand flamer, but modified)

Termanator Squad (Metals_
4x Storm Bolters
1x Assault Cannon
2x Chain Fist
2x Power Fist
1x Sword

Space Marine Captain with Power Sword/Melta Gun. (However, I dont' think I can give him a melta via 5e)
Old School Chaplin with bolt pistol and Sword (Power or not)

Snap/Fit Dev Squad... I am not sure how many of them I will be able to savage. I have already slavaged the bolt pistol/Chain Sword from the Sgt.
2 Missle Launchers (Might be salvagable)
1 Lascannon (salvagable)
1 Plasma Cannon (Salvagable)
Approx 8 Random Snap/Fit Marines

Note.. No Vehicles.. Not even a dreadnaught.

I think I am gonna keep it that way for a bit, and play a SM "Horde" army and see how it goes... It was pretty tough last time I played, cause I played against IG.. and the Armor was a problem.

Till Next time


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