Saturday, November 14, 2009

First of Many (I hope)

So.. Back in to 40k

I blame Lantz. Seeing him play was just to much. Well, that and Dawn of War.

I broke out the old Hormaguants... realized they all need to be stripped, and went to town, they are all now stripped and primed black...

Wait, you don't realize what I mean.. These are the Old Style metal Hormagaunts. The ones that were 2 to a blister for 7 bucks (back in the early 90's.)

I have 34 of them...

I then tried to use the simple green method on the old genestealers I had.. It reacted poorly with the plastic, and made them VERY brittle... they broke into many pieces.. unfortunately, it was a sad day, as 9 soliders were lost that day, never to return.

I also have located an old school lictor (minus the tall back claw thingies)
2 old school biovores.

This is the nucleus of my new bug army...

Till next time...



  1. I take responsibility for nothing! Nothing!!! Unless I will be rewarded with cake, then it's my fault.

  2. I liked the part where you talked about stuff!