Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pics AhoY!

So, I was asked by a previous commenter for pics, so here they are.

This is the Dev Squad (or whats left of it)

Mainly Snap-Fit, still in parts, waiting for me to determine their fate (Might form a Tac Squad out of em.. I haven't decided)

This is the beginnings of the Assault Squad, 3 Assault Marines and a Sgt

Old Metals Term Squad, 4 assembled and primed, 1 in peices

This is the Second Tac Squad, It is in the process of being painted.
All of them are Mark 6 Corvus Armor Beaky Marines

This is the First Tac Squad.
This squad is finished.
Once again, all the Marines are Mark 6 Corvus Beaky style

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  1. They look good! Not as good as mine tho. LOL!! Good job. :P