Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, fought a 3 on 3 1000 Point battle tonight with my Marines...

Didn't do to well...

Army List as follows

Thunder Hammer, Combi Melta, Artificer Armor

Assault Squad x9
Sgt x Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs

Tac Squad X9 1 X Melta Gun
Sgt X Nothing Special

Tac Squad x9, 1 X Melta Gun
Sgt, X Nothing Special

Termanator Squad
2x Chain Fist + Storm Bolter
1x Power Fist + Storm Bolter
1x Power Fist + 1x Assault Cannon
Sgt X power Weapon + Storm Bolter

= 1000 Points Even

The Battle didn't go well, it didnt' help that my Space Wolves and Eldar Allies all moved to the other side of the table, leaving me to deal with Chaos and dark Eldar..

Basicly, I got Pincered in betwen a hellhound, rhino, Full Chaos Tac Squad, 2x IG Veteran Squaqds, 2 Dark Eldar floating boat things on one Side And

Some Wonky Nasty Dark Eldar close Combat OMGS squad, Plus a Daemon Prince, Plus 2 IG Heavy Weapon teams on the other...

It didn't work well for me...

I may have to rethink the Horde space marine Concept....



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